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About AUX

Leading Global Manufacturer

Established in 1986 as one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Aux Group is a diversified conglomerate, covering 6 industries, including intelligent Power equipment, Home appliance, Mobile Intelligent Terminal, Real Estate, Medical Services and Investment.

In 2012, with a total asset of 20 billion RMB, Aux has more than 20000 employees, a turnover of 40.5 billion RMB and the brand value of 8 billion RMB. Aux owns 7 manufacturing bases, including Ningbo, Nanchang, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Xicheng, as well as a listed company with 5 high-tech enterprises, acting as a unit, of National Enterprise Technology Center and permanent National Post-doctoral Workstation.

AUX SMART Manufacturing

AUX Manufacturing methods have been refined over the last 10 years and have entered an era of Intelligence.
In addition to the application of smart production management, AUX has been dedicated to increasing plant capacity. Based on this, the total planned capacity is projected to achieve 20 million Air Conditioning units in 2022.

AUX quality testing center is equipped with an internationally accredited laboratory that can perform accurate testing, which guarantees that air conditioning remains in normal operation under varied working conditions.
By intelligent and refined manufacturing, and driven by its focus on intelligent manufacturing processes, AUX has become a world-leading brand.

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11 manufacturing
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3 R&D

8 million sets
sold annually

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Control your airconditioner from anywhere in the world with the use of AUX WIFI technology.

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Our team consists of enthusiastic, and highly trained, and skilled staff that looks forward to providing a cool and comfortable environment for your home or business!

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Our quality of service is recognised by our network of clients, and we are continually striving for excellence in every area of our service delivery.

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Smart Effects has a well-established international framework of suppliers, engineering consultants, and other collaborators, ensuring a continual availability of high-quality air-conditioning products with the latest technological advances.

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