Warranty Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer, we would like to thank you for purchasing this product. It’s our pleasure that you will enjoy satisfaction in your product for long term, and if the product is proven to be defective, we will repair and replace the product for free of charge provided that:

  • The product has been used according to the manufacturer manual.
  • The product has been serviced by Smart Effects Limited or any other authorised personnel at least once a year.
  • The product is still in the same location,(in the event of relocation, this must be done by authorized personnel of Smart Effects Limited)
  • The warranty will be invalid if the serial number is removed from the product 
  • Repair and replacement of product does not give right for a new start of the warranty

This Warranty does not include:

  • Damage caused by power surge, lightning, particularly if premises are not equipped with OVR, and surge protection, explosions, floods or any other Act of God.
  • Damage in case of fluctuation of over or under voltage from Main Supplier, without surge protection installed on location
  • Damage to consumable or wearing items such exterior finishes.
  • Damage caused by improper repairs by any personnel not authorised by Smart Effects Limited.
  • High ups or cherry picker if customer request an outdoor unit installation without reasonable safe reach.
  • Damage cause by negligence to the remote controller & WIFI card of the product .
  • Drain blockage & dirty filters.

As per Aet 1 of 2022 – Amendment of Consumer Affairs Act, Cap 378, Article 75 ), any damages Incurred will first be attempted to be repaired by Supplier.

Please not that when claiming a product against the guarantee, customer must provide the certificate signed together with the fiscal receipt.